Balissandre, bât de randonnée et de portage de chez Randoline

Balissandre, packsaddle for hiking and carrying

Bastillon, bât pour âne, portage bagages et enfant, fabricant matériel randonnée

Bastillon, packsaddle for hiking with luggage and children

Balaitous Boutique

Balaïtous, the softly-priced packsaddle


Cabriette, packsaddle for goat


Bagagines, bags for hiking

Carrélines, sacoches bât pour ânes

Bags for the packsaddle Bastillon


Bouquelines, bags for the packsaddle Cabriette

Polichon Boutique

Polichon, bag for hiking

couveton, tapis de bât pour ânes, pour chevaux

Couveton, cushion for packsaddle

colisson, collier de traction attelage, collier de travail

Colisson, collar for traction


protection for the collar Colisson

moumoute protection Cabriette

for the harness of the Cabriette

Bâtine, tapis selle pour enfant

Bâtine, saddle for children

capucine, bâche de protection bât de randonnée

Capucine, rain cover


Tortillon, tie-down stake for the night


Trousson, small bag to carry hiking tools

chevillette, attache de nuit paturon

Chevillette, pastern attachment strap

Tibamac, siège enfant bât pour âne

Tibamac, child seat for the Bastillon

cordelune, attache de nuit

Cordelune, tether rope for the night

kit de secours, entretien bât

Maintenance kit, set of maintenance and repair for packsaddles

huile de pied de boeuf, entretien cuir harnachement

Neatsfoot oil, for leather maintenance

huile de lin, entretien bât

Linseed-turpentine oil, for the maintenance of wood and wicker

kit U, bât de portage

U-shaped parts set, for suspending Bagagines


Leather straps

longerine, longe

Longerine, hiking longe


Picoline, water bottle holder to attach to the packsaddle


Occibraies, pants against insects

Baladou de Randoline, siège pour petit enfant à poser sur bât Balissandrte

Baladou, seat for transporting a small child on the Balissandre

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Our ethics: For the respect of our animals, you will not find in the Randoline Shop any low-end product or cheap product imported from exotic countries. All our products are artisanal and made following the rules of the art and respect for traditions. We have chosen to do local fair trade and promote the rural economy by employing artisans from our region. And we manufacture all the pieces of wood ourselves in the workshop.

artisanat, Randoline fabricant français de bât

Randoline is a company created in 2008 in Occitanie, near Cahors. It manufactures walking and hiking equipment, as well as all equipment for donkeys, mules, horses, ponies and goats.