Tibamac, siège enfant bât pour âne

Child seat for the Bastillon

The Tibamac, a comfortable seat for a child to sit on a Bastillon

The Tibamac is a suspended seat made of leather and thick cotton.

It is suspended at the front by a leather strap which wraps around the grab handle, and at the rear by 2 straps with buckles which are bolted to the rear crosspiece.

79 €

Immediate delivery

This configuration gives greater seating comfort than a simple stack of fabrics placed on the wood of the frame.

The presence of the Tibamac does not prevent loads from being moored on the top of the Bastillon. But it can also be removed very easily, or even unhooked from the grab handle and left hanging by the 2 rear buckles.

Bastillon, Tibamac, siège enfant bât pour âne
Bastillon, bât pour âne, Randoline, équipement et matériel pour ânes, chevaux

Here is the Tibamac in situation on a Bastillon.

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