The pastern attachment strap Chevillette

The Chevillette, pour to securely tie the animal

The Chevillette is a clip that attaches to the pastern of the animal, donkey, mule or horse. It is placed on a front or rear limb, then a lanyard or chain (or any other attachment system) is attached.

It is mainly intended for night parking during a hike, or for a break during the day.

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Contrary to some preconceived ideas, the attachment to the pastern is extremely comfortable for the animal. Once he has tested the length of rope available, he accepts it and does not attempt to pull any further.

It is more secure than the attachment to the halter ring. Indeed, the attachment point being at ground level, there is much less risk of a “lanyard catch”. Remember that the lanyard grip is a loop which is placed around the leg and which can no longer be undone due to the humidity of the rope. The more the animal pulls, the tighter the loop becomes…

While a donkey will generally remain calm, a horse is likely to tear its tendons.

The Chevillette has an unrolled length of 35 cm, which allows attachment to the foot of a donkey as well as that of a horse or mule.

The attachment strap is 55 cm, which leaves plenty of room for adjustment.
The leather is 5 mm thick to ensure strength and longevity.
The height of the Chevillette is 8 cm, which gives the animal absolute comfort. At no time can he feel cut.
The leather of the Chevillette is lined with a dense and thick 10 mm felt to ensure even more comfort.


To ensure additional security, the loop where the rope or chain attaches is located opposite the “hollow” of the Chevillette, where the pressure is exerted if the animal pulls. So, even if he pulls very hard, he cannot hurt himself.

To ensure the longevity of the buckles, the inside of the leather strap is lined with a piece of plastic strap, completely invisible. Any shearing of the leather is therefore impossible.

The Chevillette should be tightened moderately, just to prevent it from slipping under the hoof.