Randoline builds a range of packsaddles for donkeys, ponies, mules, horses and goats. This equipment is designed following the centuries-old tradition of the carrying packsaddles of yesteryear.

All the elements used are of first quality: ash for the wood, brass and stainless steel for the trigger guards. Ash is the ideal wheelwright wood, flexible and strong, waterproof and dense. They are assembled from easily replaceable spare parts, which ensures their longevity. These packsaddles are used for carrying luggage, for hiking, for logging, market gardening, and transporting bales of straw or wood.

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Balissandre Famille de bâts
Bastillon, bât pour âne, portage bagages et enfant, fabricant matériel randonnée
Balaitous famille de bats
Cabriette famille de bats


XS = 444 €
S with chrome leather = 464 €
S with brown vegetal leather = 529 €
M with chrome leather = 534 €
M with brown vegetal leather = 609 €


S with chrome leather = 449 €
S with brown vegetal leather = 514
M with chrome leather = 499 €
M with brown vegetal leather = 574 €


One size only, with brown leather

with harness XS 399 €
with harness S 419 €
with harness M 439 €


239 €

Since 2009, Randoline has developed several families of packs, each with its own specific use.

• The Balissandre: the historic product for hiking with a donkey, mule, horse or pony. It is also multifunctional, being able to carry loads.

• The Bastillon: for walking with luggage and children for donkeys, mules, horses and ponies.

• The Cabriette: for goats and billy goats or miniature donkeys.

Not forgetting the Bâtine, a saddle pad for children and teenagers that can also carry light loads.

Highlights :

A Randoline pack-saddle respects the universal and historic standards of design: the hoops are lowered onto the animal’s sides, which ensures stability, the absence of movement and, therefore, carrying comfort. If you’ve injured your animal with low-quality equipment, your hike will come to an immediate halt. Once the pack is placed on the animal’s back and the straps are properly adjusted, it won’t move a centimetre all day.

In the past, packsaddles were made to the measurements of an animal, and only that animal carried it. A Randoline pack has width-adjustable hoops, which adapt exactly to the animal’s build. And to make carrying even more comfortable, each of the pads can be moved in 3 dimensions, thanks to a rubber stud. So the pad is always flat on the back, without ever having an edge that could cause injury.

By design, a Randoline pack-saddle is loaded ‘high’, like the mules of yesteryear. There is a very large air gap between the ground and the luggage, which avoids rubbing and banging against stones and stumps on the trail. The result is greater comfort for the animal and better protection for the luggage.

We cut all our products from top-quality ash, which we leave to dry for as long as necessary. We always have around twenty cubic metres in stock. Ash is the ideal wood for carpentry, combining strength, durability and, above all, flexibility.

All in all, if you’re looking for a solid, inexpensive packsaddle made in France, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Randoline.

Which pack-saddle equipment should I choose?

– If you’re just planning a day out with a child, the Batine will suffice. You’ll be able to carry your child in complete safety and hang your picnic on it.

– If you’re planning longer trips, with a substantial load, you’ll need to think about the Balissandre.

– If you want to transport bales of straw, fence posts or logs at home, the Balissandre will be your friend.

– If you want to trek with luggage and a child, the Bastillon is the ideal packsaddle.

If you’re not sure which pole to choose, ask us for advice. Together we’ll find the equipment that’s just right for you.

Remember, too, that at Randoline we only manufacture and sell top-quality equipment with a virtually indefinite lifespan. This choice comes at a price. We are not interested in bottom-of-the-range equipment from exotic countries.

Maximum loading weight

Below is a table showing the maximum load for our different types of carrying equipment. Naturally, this is a technical strength figure. The weight depends essentially on the animal’s physical strength.










Calcul Dimensions GB
Icone Why the ash Text GB
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