The tether rope Cordelune

The Cordelune, to tie the animal safely

The Cordelune is suitable for a donkey, a horse or a mule. It consists of a steel wire with a diameter of 3 mm, with a resistance of 720 kg, enclosed in a thin PVC pipe 8 m long.

With such a system, the animal cannot be injured, and the rigidity of the tube is sufficient to prevent it from wrapping around stumps or large tufts of grass during the night.

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At each end, the steel cable is secured by a cable clamp and equipped with a thimble for attaching a quick link or carabiner. The end of the line then returns inside the pipe to avoid injury.

The reinforced PVC pipe has a reduced diameter (8 mm inside and 14 mm outside). It rolls up easily to form a crown of 35 cm in diameter, easily accommodated on the packsaddle. Its weight is 1.45 kg.

If the Cordelune is fixed on a central stake (the Tortillon Randoline, for example), the grazing surface is 8 X 8 X 3.14 = 200 m2.

Many donkey drivers already use this system when they rent their donkeys for a hike.

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