The tie-down stake for the night  Tortillon

The Tortillon, safety when hiking

The Tortillon is used in hiking to tie up the animal during the night so that it has a good grazing surface.

When there is no tree or any point to attach the animal, the Tortillon becomes essential.

The movable Tortillon ring prevents knots in a chain or tie rope.

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– Length about 58 cm
– Steel Ø 16 mm
– Weight about 1.6 kg
– Hand forged

The Tortillon is made in a protected workshop.

Simulation: if the attachment chain is 8 m, the animal can graze all night on an area of 200 m2 (8 X 8 X 3.14)

Tortillon, attache de nuit

– A: ring through which you pass your walking stick to turn the stake and drive it into the ground

– B: movable ring, rotating freely around the stem, where the animal’s chain is attached

– C: spiral which penetrates the most resistant terrains

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