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randonnée avec âne famille seydoux balissandre-rouge matériel pour âne sacoche pour âne ane randonnée espagne matériel ane avec capucine débardage matériel pour âne cargolin matériel pour âne balade avec un âne batine matériel pour âne Slide Slide

We can’t resist the pleasure of showing you this pretty photo, when Justine, François, their two donkeys and their nice doggie climb their Balissandres at the top of the Pyrenees… We told you that we have the best job in the world. ..

We manufacture equipment for donkeys, equipment for mules, horses and ponies and equipment for goats in the respect of traditions.

For this reason is our hiking and work equipment designed to be both robust and aesthetic. It is evident that the first quality we look for is comfort for the animal.

See our photos : The most beautiful for our carrier animals

To date, our customers hike and work with 1184 Packsaddles, 438 Batines, 581 Colissons, 119 Escargolines

l'âne Buny, la mascotte de Randoline, Isabelle et Jacques

Buny the donkey, Randoline’s mascot, Isabelle and Jacques are equipped for new adventures. And you ? What project do you want, what hike have you planned with your kind donkeys ?

Our equipment for donkeys, mules, horses, ponies and goats…

Famille bâts

Packsaddles for donkeys, mules, ponies, horses, goats

Famille Escargoline

Escargoline, for hiking of disabled people

Familles Colissons

Hitch and Work Collars

Famille Selles

Saddles for children

Famille sacoches

Bags for packsaddles

Faùille Petits articles

Small hiking equipment

Famille Cabriette

The Cabriette, packsaddle for goats

Famille Toute la Boutique

The whole shop

Nouveauté Bastillon

The Bastillon, a revolutionary packsaddle

And a surprise to come in the coming months…

The Balaska, a heavy carrying packsaddle for horses and mules, is in its final stages…

Still a little patience…


Our values, our history, what we are…

Randoline equipment …

Randoline builds equipment specially adapted for work, hiking and walking with horses (and since 2021 with goats): packsaddles for donkey and goat, packsaddle for horse and mule, hiking bag, saddle for donkey, child seat, pack rug, protective tarpaulin, attachment stake, lanyard, carrying tool, collar, pastern attachment, linseed oil for wood, neatsfoot oil for leather.

Our profession and our happiness: we are manufacturers of equipment for donkeys, mules, horses, ponies and goats.

All these materials were designed in our workshop, where we manufacture all the wooden parts. Our packsaddles for donkeys, ponies, mules and horses take up the principle and qualities of old traditional products: solidity, stability, durability, comfort.

These articles are the result of a very long experience of hiking with a donkey.

Proof of our know-how: more than a thousand Randoline packsaddles travel the hiking trails of old Europe as soon as the sunny days return.

The most beautiful for our carrier animals

At Randoline, we believe, once harnessed and ready for hiking and work, that our animals should be beautiful. Why would a rider give his horse the best saddle and the finest leather, and why would our carrier animals look like rags?

It is for this reason that our equipment for hiking, working with a donkey, a mule, a horse, a mule are designed to be both robust and aesthetic. Of course the first quality we look for is comfort for the animal.

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