Our partners

Since 2009 many links have been created with French or foreign partners in order to facilitate the promotion, demonstration and sale of our equipment for donkeys, mules, horses, pony and goats.

Here are the contact data of 3 partners where you can find Randoline equipment:

Judith Schmidt, Grüfflingen 34, B-4790 Burg-Reuland, schmidt.judith@gmx.de

Judith is German and works mainly with German-speaking people (Germany, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland). She organizes training courses around donkeys. She lives in the small German-speaking Belgian canton located in the very east of Belgium.

Anes and co, 51 rue du Tivoli, B-5650 Walcourt, anesetco@gmail.com

Lisa and Edwin organize donkey training courses, in French and Dutch. Walcourt is located in the south of Charleroi (Belgium).

Ecole de maraichage, 25 rue Claude-Raphaël Leygues, 47300 Villeneuve-sur-Lot, maraicher@inam.fr

Under the leadership of Pascal Sachot, future market gardeners learn to use the donkey in animal traction with the appropriate agricultural tools.

We also have close links with 2 famous websites

www.bourricot.com, a historic site which brings together most of the donkey professionals in France

www.chemindecompostelle.com, also a historic site specializing in the paths to Compostela, which includes a very large number of accommodations and gives plenty of advice to future pilgrims