BrevetOKINPI Patent for the Emergency Separation System

The Escargoline is a three-wheeled vehicle intended for walking and hiking for people with reduced mobility, the elderly and children, towed by a donkey, a pony or a horse.

When the prototype was started in 2008, the first line of the specifications specified that the machine must be able to free itself from the animal in an emergency situation (animal emerging from a thicket, insect bite, machine too close to a ravine, etc.)

Consequently, it was necessary to develop a decoupling system, which we called SSU (Emergency Separation System).

The research work lasted months, before discovering a solution based on simple gravity. Two other patents were filed in the 1900s by a German and an American, but the system was based on a needle slipped through a hole. The problem is that in an emergency situation, as soon as the hitch picks up speed, the needle will get stuck. However, the driver only has one second to react before the cart goes out of control.

The SSU Randoline is much simpler. It has now proven itself since 2009, without ever a single failure.

This SSU was the subject of the delivery of a Patent of Invention by the INPI.