Bâtine tapis selle pour enfant

The saddle Batine for donkeys and ponies


The Batine, carpet and saddle for donkey and pony

The Batine is a creation from our Randoline equipment range which brings together three products in one.

1 – The Batine is a saddle carpet for donkeys and ponies containing a 20 mm thick felt plate.

2 – The Batine is a children’s saddle, equipped with a grab handle.

3 – The Batine incorporates two straps for light loads, for example a picnic bag (except the Batine XS)

XS = 334 €

S = 364 €

M = 384 €


The origin of the Batine: a grandfather, a grandchild, a donkey, a day, a picnic. Thanks to the contact surface between the cover and the animal’s hair, the Batine does not slip or turn. The Batine is delivered as standard with a breeching.

There is no need for the child to have done horse riding. The stability of the Batine does not require tightening the legs. And the grab handle does the rest.

The Batine is completely removable and machine washable.

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Bâtine, tapis selle pour enfant

Description of the Batine

The Batine is intended to replace the packsaddle when you simply have light loads to carry, for example to go for a picnic with your donkey or pony. It also allows you to hike with a child. It is the ideal tool for a professional donkey driver who rents his donkeys for walks, as well as for a donkey or pony owner who simply wants to walk his children or grandchildren.

The structure is an extremely resistant 95% cotton cover (the same fabric as the Bagagines Randoline) enclosing a 2 cm thick felt.

At the front is fixed a child saddle, equipped with a holding handle. It is securely held to the canvas by large Velcro straps.

At the bottom of each side, 2 boards, the ends of which are enclosed in sheaths, allow the Bâtine to stick to the sides of the animal when the belly band is tightened. All of the rough tissue of the Batine then finds itself in contact with the animal’s hair, and this important friction surface prevents the Batine from rotating. Small children place their feet on the boards.

Bâtine, tapis selle pour enfant

At the rear side are 2 leather hooks for hanging light loads, such as a hiking backpack and/or picnic bag. These two hooks do not exist on the Bâtine XS intended for very small donkeys.

Also at the rear are two rings which secure the breeching. On descents, the breeching will prevent the Batine from sliding forward and therefore losing stability.

Once placed on the animal’s back, the Batine is held in place by a simple leather belly band, in a very soft sheath to protect the animal’s skin.

Size and weight

The Batine exists in 3 sizes, XS, S and M, and is suitable for donkeys and ponies of all sizes, except of course miniature donkeys…

The XS size Batines fit animals from 0.95 to 1.10 m. Size S Batines fit animals from 1.10 m to 1.20 m which have a belly circumference between 110 and 138 cm (the measurement is taken approximately 12 cm behind the front legs). The M Batines are suitable for larger animals.

The weight of the Batine size XS is 3.9 kg. The Batine size S is 4.6 kg and the Batine size M is 5.2 kg.


Batine XS: length (front-back) 56 cm // width (right-left) 76 cm

Batine S: length (front-back) 65 cm // width (right-left) 83 cm

Batine M: length (front-back) 73 cm // width (right-left) 98 cm


To ensure the longevity of the leather, it is necessary to care it with neatsfoot oil. Carry out the operation at the start of the season and at the end of the season. You will find bottles of neatsfoot oil in The Randoline Shop.

Bâtine tapis selle pour enfant

The XS Batine

Since 2019 we have created the Bâtine XS in order to be able to walk small children on very small donkeys of 1 m or 1.10 m.

The Batines XS does not have a hook for hanging bags precisely because they are very small donkeys, and the weight of the child is enough for them.

The comfort offered by the Batine is such that these little donkeys happily carry their load.

Bâtine tapis selle pour enfant