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Neatsfoot oil


Neatsfoot oil, for leather care

Neatsfoot oil is the oldest known leather treatment product. It is extracted from the foot bones and shin bones of oxen.

It is a natural and healthy product which will ensure a long life for all harness leathers. But its high acidity requires mixing it with a softer oil. This bottle contains 50% pure neatsfoot oil and 50% sunflower oil.

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Caution: neatsfoot oil always darkens leather.

Application: first clean the leather well with a mild soap (glycerin soap) and lukewarm water, then let it dry. And then apply the oil.

If the leather is chrome-tanned leather (therefore light in color, slightly bluish), apply the oil very lightly with a cloth.
If the leather is oak tanned (therefore brown in color), use a brush and impregnate the leather well on all sides.
Time between two leather treatments: except excessive use and extreme weather conditions: one year

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