FabriqueFrancePetitFrench made :

Since the creation of the company, we are proud to display our ethics: our equipment for donkey, mule, horse, pony or goat does not come from China, India, Pakistan, the Maghreb or other exotic countries. It is almost entirely manufactured in France by ourselves for the WOOD structure, or by local craftsmen, using materials also from local companies.

Randoline ethics

It is easy to self-define as anti-globalist and shop on the other side of the world to pay less. But unfortunately, such behavior does not create jobs for our children. At Randoline, we display our convictions and we follow through with our logic.

Producing locally is not expensive

In the end, we realize that it is not really more expensive to produce locally. We shorten circuits, it’s good for the planet. We put close people to work, it’s good for employment. We save transport costs by boat and container. We select the basic materials ourselves, which helps to avoid fraud. We manage the entire process, from the choice of materials to the assembly, which ensures the quality of the final product. And, if we apply reasonable margins, we can offer a product for sale at a fair price, and which, furthermore, will last for years.

We do better than the Origine France label

The “Origine France” label: this label, implemented with much television coverage, is not within the reach of small businesses, because you have to pay a heavy contribution and have your products verified by Bureau Véritas. A product can thus be labeled with only 50% of the unit cost price originating in France. At Randoline we do much better: 79% of the price of a packsaddle comes from France, the remaining 21% comes from our close neighbors in the European Union.