The experience of long-distance hiking with a donkey

Jacques Clouteau, one of the team members, has traveled the trails of half of Europe with his donkey Ferdinand. You can build a good packsaddle only if you have experienced all the snubs that occur when hiking with a donkey.


Respect of tradition

We only use high quality materials in the construction of the packsaddles: 40 mm first choice ash, brass, 5 mm steel, leather, with some borrowings from modernity, such as rubber studs giving mobility to the pads.


More than 1.000 packsaddles  and more than 400 Batines on the way

More than 1,000 packsaddles produced by Randoline in the pretty Quercy are currently in service on all the paths in Europe (and even in Canada and Chile…) with valuable feedback from very long journeys.


Absolute robustness

Since 2009, “zero breaks”, not an arch nor a supporter has suffered breakage due to a structural defect. Only one crosspiece broke in Catalonia following the donkey’s fall in the mountains. It was replaced for around 20 euros.


Permanent innovation

We are constantly inventing to always offer more at the fairest price: 1 patent filed, 7 trademarks and 5 models protected by the INPI, National Institute of Industrial Property.


Respect for our donkeys

We show respect to our friends the donkeys by offering them unprecedented carrying comfort, thanks to the adjustable arches, the movable pads and the stability of the packsaddle.


Local and solidarity economy

With the exception of a few pieces coming from our close neighbors in Europe, all of our products are made by local artisans. As for the WOOD part, it is carried out by ourselves in our own workshop. We have chosen a local and solidarity economy, excluding any imports from India, China, Pakistan or the Maghreb under the pretext of lowering costs.


We meet our customers

All year round, we do not hesitate to travel across France and neighboring countries to meet donkey friends (professionals and individuals) and demonstrate the qualities of our products on their animals.


Investment policy

July 2013: the SARL Randoline increases its capital from 18,000 to 125,000 euros. While others relocate or lay off workers, we persist in investing in the rural and solidarity economy. September 2021: Randoline becomes SAS Randoline Concept, Simplified Joint Stock Company, to better prepare for its future.