Everything you need to know about the hiking bags invented by Randoline

Randoline builds different families of saddlebags for donkeys, ponies, mules, horses and goats.
The families of bags have their own use, depending on the animal and the packsaddle used.

All our bags are built with quality materials and canvas, solid, waterproof and durable over time. Because nothing takes more abuse during a hike than the bag that carries your luggage. It will endure all the indignities of the path: rough tree trunks, rough stone walls, barbed wire, stumps, not forgetting the rain…

If it is not of excellent quality, its lifespan may not exceed a day…

Our different models of hiking bags (price is for the pair)

Bagagines, sacoches randonnée pour bât


S = 324 €
M = 374 €

Carréline, sacoche pour bât


214 €

Bouqueline, sacoche pour Cabriette


114 €


Our families of hiking bags

Since 2009, Randoline has developed several families of bags, each family having its own purpose.

The Bagagines : They go on a Balissandre or Bastillon packsaddle. We will preferably take them for a long hike. They are the strongest and most resistant to attack. They have two skins: a first skin in heat-welded pool liner, which ensures waterproofing, and a second skin in tarpaulin which protects from trees, stones, barbed wire, etc. The Bagagines are delivered in 2 sizes: size S of 40 liters each bag, and size M of 60 liters each bag. They are “clipped” on the arches of the packsaddle, thus ensuring their immobility while walking, which gives the animal carrying comfort.

The Carrelines : They go on a Bastillon packsaddle. We will use them for a short or long hike. They have two skins: a first skin in resistant and waterproof plastic canvas, which ensures waterproofing, and a second skin in tarpaulin which protects from trees, stones, barbed wire, etc. The Carrelines have a capacity of 32 liters each bag. They have the particularity of inserting perfectly between the two arches of the packsaddle, thus remaining perfectly immobile whatever the terrain of the path, which ensures the animal’s carrying comfort.

The Bouquelines : They go on the packsaddle for goat Cabriette

The strong points of Randoline saddlebags :

The Bagagines and Carrelines have plywood and ash reinforcements. They keep their shape once placed on the ground. It is therefore easy to find an object placed inside.

Bouquelines, intended for goats, do not have this necessity.

Bagagines and Carrelines are completely waterproof by design.

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Icone Why the ash
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