Carrélines, sacoches bât pour ânes

Carreline bags


The Carreline hiking bags for the packsaddle Bastillon

The Carreline bag was specially designed by Randoline for the Bastillon hiking packsaddle. But it can also be carried on the Cabriette goat packsaddle.

It is a robust hiking bag that resists all the treatment that the animal will inflict on it: stones, trees, brambles, barbed wire.

It includes an inner skin in plastic canvas and an outer skin in cotton tarpaulin.

It has a plywood plate at its base and 2 vertical wooden rods in the front hems.

The pair

Carrelines 214 €

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Carréline, sacoche portage bât


The Carreline bag has 2 skins:

– a first inner skin in plastic canvas which ensures waterproofing.

– a second outer skin made of tarpaulin, which will withstand scratches from brambles and barbed wire.

A plywood plate at its base maintains its shape and allows delicate objects such as bottles or milk packs to be placed vertically.

At the rear, a plywood plate and 2 metal reinforcements hold 2 cleats in place for hanging the suspension belts.

There are also 2 wooden rods in the front hems which prevent the bag from sagging. Thus each object remains in its location and the bag takes its place at the bivouac like a small piece of furniture.

When walking, the bag maintains its cubic shape and gives a beautiful aesthetic to the marching crew.

For strength, 2 thick leather reinforcements are sewn at the back of the Carreline.

Bastillon, Carrélines, sacoches bât pour ânes
Carréline, sacoche portage


The Carrelines saddlebags withstand the rain without letting a single drop of water penetrate. The Carrelines are closed with a very wide scratch which goes around the lid


The combination of plastic and tarpaulin resists all the shocks that the donkey inflicts on its luggage.

Side handles

They allow rapid loading onto the pack, without any particular effort.

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions Carreline : Height 37 cm // Length 35 cm // Width 24 cm // Capacity 32 liters

The pair of Carrelines weights 2,78 kg

Bastillon, bât pour âne, Randoline, équipement et matériel pour ânes, chevaux
Bastillon, bât pour âne, Randoline, équipement et matériel pour ânes, chevaux

Hanging straps

On the Bastillon, we pass the straps through the cleats at the back of the saddlebags and hang them on the eyebolts on the packsaddle. On another model of packsaddle they attach to any protruding element, such as the crosspiece. Please note: these belts are not included in the product. You can order them from the Shop or use your own belts.

Attachment ring

A metal ring is attached to the bottom of the Carréline, on the inside. This ring allows those who wish to attach a stiffening strap in order to « brace» the luggage on the packsaddle. This strap will pass under the animal’s belly.

Care of Carrelines

The Carrelines can be cleaned with a good brush, a little soap and a jet of water. It can also be put in the washing machine.

Exemple of storage

Thanks to the plywood base and the small reinforcing strips, the Carreline allows you to load your belongings in an orderly manner, and to find them in the same order in the evening.

Carrélines, sacoches bât pour ânes
Carrélines, sacoches bât pour ânes