The Cabriette


The Cabriette, the packsaddle specially designed for hiking with a goat

The Cabriette is a hiking equipment designed to pack a goat, using the same principle as the packsaddle for a donkey.

The Cabriette is made of ash wood, brass and stainless steel. The Cabriette’s harness is sewn from premium chrome leather.

239 €

Immediate delivery

It rests on the animal’s back on 2 ash pads wrapped in a felt slipper.

The Cabriette is a carrying packsaddle and can be delivered naked, or with 2 optional Bouquelines bags.

The Cabriette is a product invented by Randoline and manufactured in our workshop.

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Structure of the Cabriette

The Cabriette is built from ash wood. It includes 2 arches with strong wither because many goats have a prominent spine.

2 Bouquelines bags may be suspended attached to the Bunny ears. These saddlebags are optional.

You can also attach the Carrelines bags or a small backpack for longer hikes.

You can also take the 3 protection furs for the breeching, the breast collar and the belly band as an option, if the goat’s hair is sensitive to friction.

bât pour chèvre Cabriette et ses deux sacoches Carrelines
Cabriette, bât pour chèvre, bât pour bouc, bât pour petits âne, bât pour poney, fabricant français

Harness of the Cabriette

The harness of the Cabriette is made of leather, 20 mm wide. It surrounds the goat below the level of the packsaddle to ensure absolute stability and prevent the luggage from overturning.

Two suspension straps at the front and rear maintain the position of the harness horizontal.

Two small straps located at the front and back of the pack hold it in place if the goat feels the need to stand up to graze on a shrub.

All these straps are adjustable in order to adapt exactly to the morphology of the animal.

Cabriette, bât pour chèvre bouc
Cabriette, bât pour chèvre, bât pour bouc, bât pour petits âne, bât pour poney, fabricant français

The pads

The Cabriette rests on 2 pads measuring 30X8.4 cm.

These pads are wrapped in a 20 mm thick felt liner to ensure the comfort of the animal.

They are removable and washable.

Cabriette, bât pour chèvre, bât pour bouc, bât pour petits âne, bât pour poney, fabricant français


The red Bunny ears

The Cabriette comes with 2 red Bunny ears, allowing you to hang all models of saddlebags, backpacks, bicycle bags, etc…

Dimensions and weight

A goat can carry, depending on its training and its morphology, up to 30% of its weight, or 15 to 25 kg. The Cabriette weighs 2.2 kg all inclusive, wood, leather, skids.

Cabriette, bât pour chèvre bouc

Load weight

A Cabriette can carry a load of 15 kg. This figure must of course be weighted according to your pet’s physical capacity.

Couveton, tapis de bât

The Couveton XXS

The Cabriette rests on the goat’s back on 2 comfortable pads. Normally the thickness of the felt of the pads is sufficient to ensure perfect carrying comfort for the animal.

However, if some felt it necessary to add a carpet on the goat’s back, as it is done for donkeys, Randoline offers an XXS carpet whose dimensions are: 58 cm in length and 68 cm in width, i.e. said from left to right of the animal.

The Cabriette on a miniature donkey

A great discovery made during the donkey festivals in which we participated in summer 2021: the Cabriette works perfectly on the back of a miniature donkey or that of a small pony…

Le bât pour chèvres Cabriette monté sur un petit âne
Cabriette sur mini