Bagagines, sacoches randonnées

The hiking bags Bagagines


The Bagagine bags are the result of long experience in long-distance hiking with a donkey.

It is an extremely robust hiking bag that resists all the treatment that the animal will inflict on it: stones, trees, brambles, barbed wire.

It includes a skin made of pool liner, a second skin of cotton tarpaulin, and a plywood frame.

The pair

Bagagines S 324 €

Bagagines M 374 €


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Bagagines, sacoches randonnées


The Bagagine bag has 2 skins:

– a first inner skin made of thick plastic (swimming pool liner) which ensures waterproofing. This is welded at high temperature, without any seam

– a second outer skin made of tarpaulin, which will withstand scratches from brambles and barbed wire.


Bagagines bags can withstand rain for days on end without letting a single drop of water penetrate. No need for an additional tarpaulin on your luggage!


The combination of plastic and tarpaulin resists all the shocks that the animal inflicts on its luggage.

Bagagines, sacoches randonnées


The Bagagine bag has 2 side reinforcements, a rear reinforcement and a bottom reinforcement in 5 mm plywood. Thanks to these reinforcements and the thickness of the liner, the bag always remains upright when placed on the ground, thus making it easier to find the objects stored inside. There is no “yawn” and the bag does not take up stomach when you pile things into it.

Side handles

They allow rapid loading onto the packsaddle, without any particular effort.

Bagagines, sacoches randonnées

Delivery in kit

Randoline Bags are delivered as a kit, with careful assembly instructions illustrated with color photos.



Dimensions Bagagine size S : Height 40 cm // Length 50 cm // Thickness 21 cm // Capacity 40 to 49 liters

Dimensions Bagagine size M : Height 50 cm // Length 60 cm // Thickness 21 cm // Capacity 60 to 73 liters

Bonus: Depending on whether the lid is in the low or high position, you save 9 to 13 liters. The difference between the two is a big country bread!

Please note: on a Balissandre of size S or M, you can hang Bagagines of size S or M. On a Balissandre of size XS, you only hang Bagagines of size S.


They are secured inside by a metal plate, they allow the bag to be hung on the Balissandre.


U-shaped metal parts can be screwed onto the arch of the Balissandre packsaddle (see “U-shaped parts attachment kit” in the Shop). The cleat then fits into the U-shaped part to a depth of 6 cm. The bag thus remains pressed against the drop of the arches.


Hanging straps

If you have another type of packsaddle, 2 straps passing through the cleats will cling to the crosspieces.

Care of Bagagines

The Bagagine can be cleaned with a good brush, a little soap and a jet of water. You can also unscrew the 6 nuts, remove the cover and put the canvas in the washing machine.

Exemple of storage

Before the storage

sacoche Randoline Bagagine avant rangement

After the storage

sacoche Randoline Bagagine après rangement

Bagagines, sacoches randonnées

Testimony after a long journey

Here are the photos of two Bagagines Randoline after a 6 month hike from Friburg (Switzerland) to Tarragona (Spain).

After 6 months of traveling on the back of a donkey, thousands of trees and rubbed walls, merciless barbed wire, merciless bramble bushes, a fall in a ravine in the Alps, the 2 Bagagines are still in good condition.

The cotton skin was threadbare, a tack had to be glued, but the structure of the bag is absolutely intact. Not a drop of water ever penetrate and the contents of the luggage were protected.

What better testimony to demonstrate the exceptional solidity of Bagagines!

If it were necessary to refurbish them today, it would simply be enough to change the cotton canvas for a modest cost by purchasing this item in spare parts.


Here are the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked

Question : Why would a Bagagine bag be more practical on a packsaddle than a backpack or a duffel bag?

• Answer : Vast debate… there are 1,000 answers to this question… First of all, things are better stored in a shaped bag than in a soft bag. Then it’s good to arrive at the bivouac in the evening and have your things dry. And then it prevents the donkey from hitting its luggage in all the rocks and low obstacles that clutter the terrain, especially in mountainous areas. Here are already 3 good reasons to prefer a Bagagine bag to another container.

• Question : But if I first hang a bag on one side of the packsaddle, by the time I go and get the other bag, everything will turn around?

• Answer : If we’re talking about Bagagines bags and a Randoline packsaddle, no risk. The stability is such that a bag, even loaded, will only tilt the pack. We can therefore easily go and get the second one and install it in its place.

• Question : And if the canvas of the outer cover of the Bagagine is torn, how to repair it?

• Answer : It’s very simple: you just have to dismantle the cover, which is bolted, make the repair flat, by hand or with a sewing machine, and reassemble the cover on the inner liner envelope, after possibly have been put in the washing machine.

Why the Bagagines Randoline are eternal

Randoline saddlebags are designed to last for decades. Their design and manufacturing have been designed to allow rapid repair in the event of breakage. For these reasons that they are delivered in spare parts.

All breeders, hikers and equine rental companies know that an animal does not respect luggage and that its strength is prodigious. All the hikers have one day seen their luggage burst because the animal, stuck between two trees, suddenly gave a big snap with its neck.

But if a part of a Bagagine Randoline breaks, it is not necessary to change the entire bag. Simply order the part to be replaced from us. It will be sent to you by post as soon as possible.

Thus, by purchasing Randoline bags, you are making a long-term investment since you are guaranteed to always keep them in perfect condition.

You will note that the longevity of Randoline Bagagines goes against the grain of our consumer society…