Kit U Présentation

The U-shaped parts kit


The U-shaped parts kit for hanging luggage

The U-shaped parts kit is used to hang luggage on a Randoline Bâlissandre packsaddle. It is a small metal piece of 2 mm thick steel curved into a U shape, and delivered with 2 screws to be securely fixed in the wood.

It is cut by laser, which offers the advantage of “burning” the edges of the metal, which then appear without edge. There is therefore no possible shearing of a leather or plastic belt.

This little piece alone replaces a herd of crosspieces packsaddles!

34 €

Immediate delivery


The U-shaped parts are attached to the drop of the arches (Option 1). You can also hang the rings on the back of certain bags.

The U-shaped parts kit can be used to hang other models of saddlebags with straps on a Bâlissandre. The U-shaped pieces are then attached to the top of the arches (Option 2).

The U-shaped parts kit can also be used to hang Randoline bags on a crosspieces packsaddle. The U-shaped parts are then fixed on the curvature of the arch, or on a board itself fixed on the arches of the packsaddle.

The U-shaped parts kit are attached approximately 5 cm below the top of the arch, so that the top of the bags is flush with the top of the arch.

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