Repairability index

This index was originally intended for household appliances, in order to encourage manufacturers to favor repair rather than scrapping.

How do you get a 10/10 ?

At Randoline, all our packsaddles are made up of sub-assemblies whose main parts are made of ash wood.

For the rest we find brass or marine stainless steel cleats, and leather for the harness, which can be copied endlessly.

If one day a part deteriorates, simply order it and replace it. Thanks to our templates, we can recreate any part of our oldest packaddless in the workshop. At worst, in the event of an emergency (while hiking for example) any carpenter or handyman will be able to resize the part.

Against a current

Randoline thus goes against the grain of certain economic models. When you buy a Randoline packsaddle, you know that it will last a lifetime.