Trousson, poche technique pour outillage de randonnée, sacoche randonnée âne

The Trousson, small bag to carry hiking tools

The Trousson, for storing and transporting hiking tools

The Trousson is a sturdy little bag in leather and tarpaulin in which you can store the tools of a hiker with a pack animal: metal Tortillon stake for the night, attachment chain, barbed wire pliers, hoof cleaners , emergency lanyard, repellent product, etc.

These items, due to their use, are more or less soiled by soil. Consequently, they cannot be stored in the same bag as clothes or food.

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intérieur du Trousson, poche technique pour transporter outillage de randonnée, sacoche randonnée âne


The interior of the Trousson allows you to integrate a night attachment stake, like the Tortillon. The fabric is protected from the tip of the Tortillon by a liner reinforcement (swimming pool plastic).

An interior pocket allows you to store essential small tools: universal barbed wire pliers, hoof cleaners, etc.

A large gusset covers the contents and prevents objects from disappearing while walking.

The lid is closed with a 62 cm Velcro fastener.

Trousson, poche technique pour outillage de randonnée, sacoche randonnée âne

Structure, dimensions and weight

The Trousson is made of very solid tarpaulin and stiffened by a strip of thick leather.

Length 55 cm – Width 10 cm – Height 8 cm – Weight 570 g