Baladou, siège enfant pour bât

Seat for small children Baladou


The Baladou, seat to hike with small children

The Baladou child seat allows parents to hike with their young children at an age when they have difficulty walking more than a few kilometers. As soon as they get tired, you can place them in the seat while their little legs rest.

The Baladou is intended for children aged 3-4 to 6-7 years maximum, depending on the child’s weight.

269 €

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The Baladou seat is made of ash. The Baladou is securely clipped and bolted to the cradle of the M or S size Balissandre. It cannot be attached to the XS size Balissandre.

The backrest is in woven wicker, 20 cm high, lined with a 3 cm thick cotton and foam cushion. The cushion is removable and washable.

The presence of a Baladou does not prevent you from also putting luggage in the back: tent, sleeping bag, travel bag, etc.

A guardrail at the front allows the child to hold on to descents and bumps. This guardrail is adjustable to 3 positions, in height and depth.

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The Baladou comes with a leather support strap that passes between the child’s legs.