Les Occcibraies de Randoline, pantalon de protection contre les insectes

The Occibraies

The Occibraies, protection pants against insects

Many insects attack the legs of donkeys during hot weather. The Occibraies make it possible to counter these attacks and allow the animals to rest.

Front legs size S = 64 €
Front legs size M = 69 €
Front legs size L = 74 €
(the pair)

Rear legs size S = 74 €
Rear legs size M = 79 €
Rear legs size L = 84 €
(the pair)

4 legs size S = 138 €
4 legs size M = 148 €
4 legs size L = 158 €

Canvas only size S = 37 €
(the pair)
Canvas only size M = 47 €
(the pair)
Canvas only size L = 57 €
(the pair)

Immediate delivery

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Occibraies, pantalons animaux, protection insectes, anti-mouches


In most of the islands on the Atlantic coast, donkeys were used to carry out agricultural work and trade: carrying salt from the salt pans, bringing back kelp from the coast, plowing the vegetable gardens, pulling carts.

The marsh areas are infested with flies and mosquitoes in summer, and these nasty creatures attack the donkeys’ legs, causing sores and scabs.

The idea came a long time ago to the women of the Île de Ré to make injured donkeys wear pants that were no longer in use, or made from canvas from old mattresses. But as flies and mosquitoes are not limited to the territory of the Ile de Ré, it is appropriate to make these original creations available to all other donkeys.


The spine of the Occibraies is a piece of leather placed on the spine of the donkey, called the back line. This piece of leather has buckles to adapt to the length of the back.

The front and back pants are attached to this piece of leather, using hook-and-loop fasteners sewn onto leather reinforcements.

These reinforcements are themselves adjustable to adapt the pants to the height of the legs.

The fabric is a medium-thick cotton chambray. We recommend soaking in cold water before adjusting the first time.

Occibraies, pantalons animaux, protection insectes
Occibraies, pantalons animaux, protection insectes
Occibraies, pantalons pour animaux
Occibraies, pantalons animaux, protection insectes

2 legs, 4 legs, 3 possibilities

1: pants on the front legs, small piece of leather to hold the pants, no back line

2: pants on the rear legs, back line, canvas collar at the front

3: pants on the front legs and rear legs, back line, canvas collar at the front

Occibraies, pantalons animaux, protection insectes
Occibraies, pantalons animaux, protection insectes

Leather reinforcements

From the back line, leather reinforcements descend which support the pants.

These leather reinforcements allow you to position the pants at the right height and adapt them to the size of the animal.

Once the pants are adjusted, you can secure the reinforcements with rivets or add a stitch. We use pliers during work.

These leather reinforcements are the same for all sizes S and M.

A clever, cost-effective option

If you wish to put other Occibraies on your donkey, for the look, the time to wash them, for a ceremony, there is no need to buy the whole set (leather, etc…).

You can buy just the fabric. You’ll then have a pair of trousers as shown in the photo, with the little Velcro fastening at the top.

To change trousers, simply undo the Velcro, take off the trousers, put on the new ones and Velcro them back on.


Different sizes – Measure the Occibraies

• Measure H1 at the front: distance between the withers and the top of the hoof.

• Measure H2 at the rear: distance between the top of the buttocks and the top of the hoof.

• Choose the larger of the 2 measurements

– If this measurement is between 103 and 120 cm, you need a size S

– If this measurement is between 120 and 140 cm, you need a size M

– If this size is between xxx and xxx cm, you need a size L

below 103 cm, please consult us

Precise adjustment is possible thanks to the leather reinforcements.

MesureOccibraies GB
fabrication Occitanie

Origin of the name Occibraies

The name « Occibraies » is a very high level linguistic combination :

  • Braies is an old french word that has fallen into disuse to mean Trousers or Breeches.
  • Le préfixe Occi underlines in red and yellow the Occitanie birth of this article.