Polichon, bag for hiking


The Polichon, waterproof protective bag for clothes, duvets, cuddly toys, etc…

The Polichon can be fitted to all types of packsaddles: Balissandre, Bastillon, Balaïtous, but also cross-braced packsaddles.

It’s a sturdy trekking bag that can stand up to anything the animal throws at it: stones, trees, brambles, barbed wire.

The Polichon holds 50 litres. That’s the biggest capacity of any hiking bag on the market.

Polichon 159 €

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Il comprend une peau intérieure en tissu technique et  une peau extérieure en toile de bâche coton. Il est totalement étanche et transportera les sacs de couchage, les pyjamas et les doudous en toute sécurité.

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Polichon StructureA


The Polichon bag has 2 skins:

– a first inner skin made of technical fabric (orange) to make it waterproof.

– a second outer skin in tarpaulin, which will withstand the scratches of brambles and barbed wire.


The 2 skins are independent of each other to prevent capillary action. They are water-repellent and the sewing thread is water-repellent.

There are 2 eyelets to prevent condensation.



Polichon bags stand up to rain without letting a single drop of water in. For safety, the opening is placed underneath when the Polichon is on the packsaddle. The zips are lined with Velcro with flaps to ensure watertightness.


The combination of technical fabric and tarpaulin withstands all the knocks and bumps that a donkey inflicts on its luggage.

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions : Length 75 cm // Width 33 cm // Heighth 30 cm // Contenance 50 litres

Weight : 880 g

Loading on different packsaddles

The Polichons can be loaded onto any type of packsaddle: Balaïtous or Bastillon, or any type of cross-braced packsaddle.

Polichon sur Balaitous
Polichon sur Bastillon

Maintenance of the Polichon

The Polichon can be cleaned with a brush, soap and lukewarm water. You can also put it in the washing machine on a “gentle wash” cycle to keep it waterproof.


Example of storage

The Polichon can be used to store bulky but lightweight items from the bivouac: sleeping bags, pyjamas, soft toys, etc…

Contenu Polichon