How to measure the collar:

Point A is positioned in front of the withers hump
Point B is positioned at the height of the throat
The A – B measurement passes just in front of the donkey’s shoulder, where the collar will rest for comfortable traction.

For intermediate sizes, you can sew a sleeve in synthetic sheepskin into which the collar can be slipped and inside which, if necessary, you can place padding to adapt the collar to the size of your donkey. This sleeve will also provide good protection for the collar. You may also buy a Roudounette in the Randoline Shop

ATTENTION: the measurement between A and B must not be curved and follow the curve of the neck. It should be a straight line, as if you were measuring with a calliper.

Height is measured in cm. 40 cm between points A and B is size 40.

ImageTaillesColissons GB

Even easier method

Download the PDF document by clicking here and you’ll have all the patterns from size 32 to size 60.

– Print the document. It will use several sheets, depending on the format of the printer.
– Glue these sheets to a cardboard box and piece together the jigsaw puzzle.
– Once the sheets have been glued together, check that the first size (red) is 32 cm.
– Cut out the first size (32) with the scissors and try the pattern on the donkey. If it’s too small, cut out the next size (34) and try again. And so on.

If the size is right, the rounding at the bottom of the cardboard rests well on the shoulders and the donkey is not strangled.
If in doubt, take a photo and send it to

Additional measurement

To refine your search for the right size, you can also measure the circumference of the neck, using a tape measure or a piece of string, at points A and B. This measurement will give you the likely corresponding size in the table below.

Tableau Circonférences GB